Electronic Door lock and trunk Release

We’re currently working on a module that allows the installation of keyless entry on most 80s-90s Porsche models and a trunk release for the 964 and 993 chassis.

The keyfob is a replica of the Audi B7 key with a Porsche crest and PO5 key blank installed. This key blank is compatible most Porsche models from the 80s and 90s, specifically the 911, 964 and 993.

993 models with immobilizer installed will have an additional module to allow for use of the single new keyfob to unlock/lock the vehicle while maintaining full operation of the immobilizer function. This will require installing the original FOB PCB into an enclosure that is permanently mounted in the vehicle.

Comparison of new fob versus original 963/993 key
Back side of fob

2 thoughts on “Electronic Door lock and trunk Release

  1. I have a dilemma in that my keyless remote (neither of the 2 supplied when vehicle was new) reliably unlocks/lock or deactivates the immobilizer anymore despite fresh batteries. This has left me stranded and makes me avoid driving the car. Is your product the solution for this? Since neither remote consistently works, I assume the problem is with the receiving unit in the car.

    1. Unfortunately this probably wouldn’t solve your problem as it re-uses the original keyfob to disable the immobilizer in the cars ECU. The only reason it could help, would be due to the fact that the factory PCB would be installed in the car and closer to the receiver to help boost signal strength. ECU doctors does sell a immobilizer defeat, but it isn’t cheap!

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