Electronic Door lock and trunk Release

We’re currently working on a module that allows the installation of keyless entry on most 80s-90s Porsche models and a trunk release for the 964 and 993 chassis. The keyfob is a replica of the Audi B7 key with a Porsche crest and PO5 key blank installed. This key blank is compatible most Porsche models […]

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Stealth Radio Delete

Love the look of a radio delete in your 911 don’t want to lose your radio? This is the solution for you! We’re working on developing a volume control knob that will take the place of the filler plug next to your cigarette lighter. The knob will be illuminated when powered on (with choice of […]

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Ixxi Engineering Web Launch!

I’m pleased to announce that the web shop is now open, and we will be offering a 10% discount for the first 5 orders to celebrate! Use coupon code “weblaunch” at checkout. Act quick, once 5 orders go through the coupon code will expire! We’ve got a lot of exciting products on the way, and […]

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